Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday for Kray's preschool they took a field trip to Cavalier Pizza. I was lucky enough to tag along and help contain 18 kids in a public place with ovens and sharp objects. It was awesome. Kray had been so looking forward to this 'pizza day' and was
asking everyday for a week if it was 'pizza day' yet. I was pleasantly surprised when most of the kids were pretty calm and well behaved.. They absolutely loved it, and my baby was in heaven! They got to tour the kitchen and play with pizza dough, watch them make a pizza then eat it.. And topped it off with coloring a pizza picture! My heart was full watching my most handsome boy learn and interact with others.. I am such a proud mom! :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My handsome Mckray is going to be a big brother!! We found out today that I am now going to be extremely outnumbered at 3:1.. :) We are so excited, and I'm thinking that if our new little guy is half as cute as this studly little man, then I may just be the luckiest momma ever!!

I'm 19 weeks right now, haven't been sick at all. Gaining plenty of weight, always hungry, craving nothing specific, just food!! :) Soooo excited!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

So I'm a little late with Halloween picutres, okay, alot. But still, isn't this the most handsome pirate boy ever! Halloween was awesome, Kray loved the trick-or-treating!

Gosh! I love him!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

I cried today saying goodbye, I cried when I found out they were moving, and I cried just last week watching Kray and Tenley play and dance together.. and right now, I'm crying, just thinking about it. And when I cry, everytime, Tim says "You still have me"... laughing through the tears, I inform him that "its not the same!" And although my husband seriously rocks, my life will be so different without Lacey here.
I know its not permanent, and I'll most likely see her at least once a month, but honestly, its not the same. She is such a huge part of my life.. And as excited as I am for them, I'm just really sad for me. {Big sob story, I know}
I wanted to post some of the things about my BFF that I've came to know and love about her!.. she may be a little upset for a few of these things, but she'll appreciate them later, I just know it! ;)

She knows EVERYTHING about me, and still likes me

She takes care of everyone.. seriously, everyone

The most unselfish person I know

Uhmmm, has a pretty amazing singing voice

Can dance like a mad woman! haha

Gets candybar whirl ice cream in a waffle cone, everytime

We're the only two, ever, who will finish our entire meal and still want ice cream right after

We're both big eaters {thats hot right?}

She tells me, "maybe you should put your hair down" or "the other shirt looked WAY better".. because she loves me :)

We know each others deepest, darkest secrets

Everytime she gets new vinyl for her house, she calls me for my opinion on where to put it

She is very domestic, and encourages me to be as well

Has a strong testimony, and by that, strengthens mine

She has passion in her pants! haha

She's the only girl that could fall off of a curb so gracefully! hahahaha!!

The only person in the entire world, maybe besides Kray, whom I would let sit on my pillow for 5 seconds

Has an amazing zest for life

Some of our most memorable times have been just driving around

She's a little manly :)

Red cream soda and strawberry puffs make us both smile

Has a beautiful baby girl, whom Kray absolutely adores

Is the best Young Women's secretary ever to be had

Isn't afraid to beat people up. haha! I'm always protected

It takes alot for her to cry, but hey, I cry enough for the both of us

She's absolutely BEAutiful

Mostly...she's the
We may have been acting out "Jesse James" by Cher.. no big deal!

Love you long time StayPuff! I miss you already!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today Tim and I took Mckray to the pumpkin patch down in Gunnison to pick out his pumpkins. He was way more interested in pulling the wagon than seeing and picking out the pumpkins!! Either way, he's still the cutest boy in the world.. We had a great time together!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A few days ago, I wandered through my blog. All of the way to the beginning. I remember starting it after I had Mckray, and I used to be a pretty faithful blogger. As I went back through it, there were things that I had forgotten, and who would've thought that within three short years, memories could be pushed to the back of my mind. I am determined to be better. Not necessarily for anyone else's readings, but for my sake.. I don't want to forget.

Little things that make me smile today:

*Mckray. Everything about this boy really, but him sharing his song with me, and allowing me to belt it out and dance with him. {yes, I have to ask him if I can sing his 'moves like Jagger' song}
*A goodbye kiss each morning from my Tim.. no matter how early, late or mad at me he may be.
*Random 'laughing at ourself' moments with Dana.
*My jobs. Even though they are so different I love both of them, I can't seem to let one go.
*Hunting season. Kray and I miss Tim terribly, but its a tradition for me. Hunting is my dad's favorite, so it was always a big thing growing up. We have many guys from everywhere come down every year and spend time with us.. plus I get to spend quality time with my momma!
*Zumba. Gives me a reason to dance like a crazy person and shake my bum, without Tim laughing histerically.
*How excited Mckray gets when he see's and talks to little babies.
*Listening to my handsome boy sing songs on his own, the ones I've sang to him since he was born.
*My best friends. Singing, dancing and laughing... Ahhh, I love them.
*Lunch dates with my most favorite sister ever.
*Awesome parents and inlaws who take care of me, continually.
*Young Womens. Love them, and love the opportunity that I have to teach them and grow with them.
*Fall. I love this warm fall weather that we're having right now.
*My 17 year old brother saying "I love you too" at the end of each conversation.

My life is so blessed. I struggle everyday. But I love it. I love the people in it. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The only thing Kray wanted for his birthday was candles. When people would ask him what he was getting for his birthday, he'd respond with "candles"! Two days prior to his birthday, he would ask me, "Mom, should we go to my birthday now?" He was so excited. He had his best friends {cousins} there to play with and the rest of us, well I guess he was glad we were there too. We have a wonderful family that helped make this boy's party awesome!! :)

Proving just how handsome he is! Love his shy smile! :)