Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday for Kray's preschool they took a field trip to Cavalier Pizza. I was lucky enough to tag along and help contain 18 kids in a public place with ovens and sharp objects. It was awesome. Kray had been so looking forward to this 'pizza day' and was
asking everyday for a week if it was 'pizza day' yet. I was pleasantly surprised when most of the kids were pretty calm and well behaved.. They absolutely loved it, and my baby was in heaven! They got to tour the kitchen and play with pizza dough, watch them make a pizza then eat it.. And topped it off with coloring a pizza picture! My heart was full watching my most handsome boy learn and interact with others.. I am such a proud mom! :)

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Cory and Lacey Jo said...

Ha ha yeah ovens and sharp objects would be intimidating!! He is such a handsome boy!!! Love YOu All